Design Review, Evaluation & Value Analysis

As part of your construction team, Crane Development will perform the following:

  • General Contracting services.
  • Research the present and future availability and cost of the materials that are selected for construction. Suggest pre-purchase of materials as appropriate.
  • Evaluate the project and suggest alternatives that may result in cost savings without reducing quality and performance. Prepare comparative cost estimate analysis to evaluate alternate methods and systems. Research availability of materials, both domestic and foreign, to find the most economical solutions for the proposed project.
  • Review the architectural design on a trade-by-trade basis to decide whether alternate materials or methods should be considered and used.
  • Review the mechanical and electrical design equipment, materials, and installation cost to assure optimum compliance with the project parameters, on both a present cost and life cycle basis.
  • Identify in the initial working drawings phase those logical construction components that should be combined into bid packages for fast-track award and early start of construction.

At a point when the plans and specifications are sufficiently complete to provide a basis for subcontract bidding and definitive estimating, Crane Development will prepare a guaranteed maximum cost estimate. This estimate will include the work within the project scope for the building and site work. Allowances will be established for items of work where scope and definition are still yet to be defined. This guaranteed maximum cost estimate will be the basis for the general contract between the owner and Crane Development.

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Construction Services

Management of each project will involve the active participation of the Owner/Owner PM/Architect/Contractor through the full spectrum of construction activities, from the start of construction to the occupancy of the completed project. Weekly meetings will be held with the project team at the jobsite to coordinate design and schedule issues.

Crane Development has established a strong relationship with the leading subcontractors and material suppliers in all marketing areas. Our subcontract agreements clearly define the scope of work required, and our computerized accounting system assures accurate and timely payment control.

When working drawings and specifications for each phase of the project are substantially complete, competitive bids will be solicited for all major trades. Detailed bid invitations will be issued to ensure that all bids will have complete and coordinated scopes of work. The time allowed for final bidding will be consistent with schedule priorities and will allow ample time to achieve full competitive bid coverage.

When the subcontractor trade bids are received and the apparent low bidders are determined, Crane Development will ensure that:

  • The scope(s) of the subcontracts are complete, clear and well defined.
  • Scheduling commitments are realistic and reliable and comply with the project schedule.
  • All substitution and cost savings alternatives are fully investigated and evaluated.
  • The apparent low bidder is financially capable.

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An accurate construction schedule is one of the basic and most important tools for successful project management.

Upon entering the construction management phase of a project, Crane Development will expand the computerized construction schedule to reflect milestones, significant purchasing and construction actions, management actions, key approvals and inspections. This schedule will be the principal tool for coordinating and scheduling subcontractor and supplier services and for informing the Owner/Owner PM/Architect/Contractor team progress.

This schedule will be monitored weekly and updated at least monthly to ensure accuracy.

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Cost Control

To assure that our Project Managers are kept fully current on present and projected costs on a project, we have perfected our own computerized cost control system.

Payment for all labor, material, equipment rental and subcontracts is computer-processed. All costs to date and commitments to completion are reported by line item accounts. A consolidated cost report is prepared monthly showing the current adjusted guaranteed maximum cost compared to the projected project final cost. These monthly updates of cost reports are reviewed to ensure that each aspect of the work is proceeding on schedule and according to budget.

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Financial management of the project will be handled by the accounting staff under the control of the Project Manager. Estimates and costs are processed through Crane Developmentā€™s computerized accounting systems, affording the closest possible cost and payment control disciplines.

Lien releases are required from subcontractors to ensure that all obligations against any account are known and properly satisfied. Copies of invoices with payment verification are recorded and filed for future reference and audit.

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After establishing the guaranteed maximum cost, Owner change orders will be prepared only if there is a change in the work. When a specified change is required by the Owner or the Architect that appears to increase or decrease the cost of the work and/or the time of completion, Crane Development will:

  • Work with the architect in the preparation of required modifications and supplements to the plans and specifications.
  • Request, receive and evaluate all subcontractor and supplier change requests and proposals.
  • Prepare and submit an estimate of the total cost of the change and additional time, if applicable.
  • Once the change has been approved, purchase and accomplish the change in the work and modify the construction schedule if appropriate.

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Once the plans and specifications are completed and the contract executed, our experienced personnel become the keys to the successful completion of the project, using proven Crane Development management procedures and systems.

Project Managers are assigned to each client so that the client has a clean and direct point of contact for every phase to the project.

The Project Manager, in conjunction with the Project Superintendent, will work to complete the project within the cost and time frame set-up during preconstruction.

Our Project Manager, as the primary representative of Crane Development, will host a weekly on-site meeting of the Owner/Owner PM/Architect/Contractor team to review key aspects of the construction and total project status.

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Project Close-Out

The Project Manager will work with the Owner and Architect on all aspects of job completion and close-out, including project punch-list completion, securing final approvals and certificates, and submission of warranties and owner’s manuals.